Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Compare Web Hosting/Servers between USA and Japan 3

PowWeb Web Hosting


300GB Space 3,000 GB Transfer /month
Mysql account 75

5.77USD per month including Domain/12 month  
30day Money-Back Guarantee
No Setup Fee in the case of 12,24 months contract
Sales Tax Free ! except Massachusetts Resident

including 1 Domain/First Contract Year
excluding Domain privacy Extra Charge 8.99 USD/year

(4),The Service which Japanese local company do not provide
24/7 Support with Live chat
Accept Paypal Payments

FTP 4,5/5   FTP Client Soft /Smart FTP File Zilla FFFTP

We can use FTP function without delay. But unfortunately you may feel that it might be a little late compared with using Japanese Local Hosting Provider depending on the place where you live in. The file had been sent completely without packet loss.

WEB 5/5 
As for 1 Click Installation of major CMS,BLOG, We will have to install Joomla1-0-12 version after completing installation of previous version. So this is not the 1 Click Installation function but the 2 click Installation function. And we will have to amend RG Emulation Value from 1 to 0 on the file of globals.php. This work is not needed at BlueHost account.

As you can confirm by above image, We cannot install 1 more application on same software. It is different from BlueHost like below. We will be able to install one more application.

We can install Joomla 1-0-12 English Version without amending any file. But as for Japanese version We have to amend php.ini file a little.

Mail /5

Security 4,5/5

We can not go upper directory where other user directory exist.

You may feel that it might be strict when you have to send security question such as mother maiden name in order to send investigation order to technical staff.

Customer Service
Speed 5/5
Kindness 5/5

The technical support staff are very kind. Sometimes we have to receive the reply which is identical with FAQ from US capital company staff. Namely the customer service staff just only copy and paste FAQ. But as for Powweb technical support staff,they read previous e-mail respectively and treat customer one by one. So you can avoid having feeling like that you have to wait on the assembly line.

Pow Web Exclusive

Very kind e-mail response ! We can not receive from other Hosting Provider.

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