Monday, 9 July 2007

CMS Joomla Forum Debut

I have been trying to configure Joomla CMS website after installing both English version and Japanese version on my Lampp local server and Xampp local server.

1  Joomla1-0-12 JP stable on Linux Fedora7 English Version
2  Joomla1-0-12 EN on Linux Fedora7 English Version
3  Joomla1-0-12 JP stable on Windows
4  Joomla1-0-12 EN on Windows

On 3,4 pattern of Windows Xampp When we had enabled both SEO and Open SEF, We can not visit to linked page except top page from main menu. So I searched Joomla Forum in order to seek the person who are under the same situation. Fortunately, I had found the person who were seeking solution for the same problem and took part in the argument.

I was the Newbie. So I had received general solution from other Joomla junkie.

1、On Joomla Forum they have been solved so many problem including SEO with changing memory_limit value from 8 to 32 on php.ini file.

2、The reason why they can not solve the problem is that they amend the php.ini file on other place. We should amend the php.ini file after confirming the place by

By the way, My memory_limit value were below.

xampp default memory_limit 32
lampp default memory_limit 8

I had received recommendation from Forum member

There are dozens of different local servers !

I tried to install wamp local server that recommended strongly. Install was very easy. But I was not able to solve the SEO by amending the htppd.conf file of apache 「#LoadModule rewrite_module modules/」 to commented out condition.

I was able to solve the same problem on Lampp by below method

Concerning SEO on Global Configuration and Open SEF

Both Standard SEF Section and 3rd Party or Core SEF Section in .htaccess file

Standard SEF Section → comment out
3rd Party or Core SEF Section → comment in

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