Saturday, 29 September 2007

Joomla vs Wordpress

Wizard Andy provides excellent Wordpress plugin

Wizard Andy just had started his own blog last month. But he got so many access already because he provides various Wordpress plugin、 very impressive review for BlogRush which is popular among overseas blogger.

He developed full user-friendly Wordpress plugin which does not describe comment owner URL but describe comment owner latest RSS feeds at comment description field.

It was very easy for the person who do not use wordpress usually also to use.

CommentLuv Wordpress Plugin 

  1. Download
  2. unzip
  3. upload php file to plugins directory
  4. Activate

Author Muesli Junkie who use only Joomla usually was able to use CommentLuv Wordpress plugin without any difficulties. I installed Wordpress via 1 click function at my hosting provider and activated CommentLuv Wordpress plugin just only taking 20 minutes.

As you can confirm by the above image, I was able to get my local language Japanese RSS Feed without any deficiency on character decoding at my Japanese wordpress test page. I strongly recommend this

Great Plugin ! being developed for User Friendly

Japanese Version available
Copyright Muesli Junkie みゅーずりーじゃんきー 2007 All right reserved


Andy Bailey said...

thanks for the mention of my plugin, you are very generous!
domo aragato.

Muesli Junkie said...

Who taught you Japanese ? You are familiar with Cantonese are not you ?

Andy Bailey said...

my brother is a fan of Japanese so I picked up a bit with him, it's true I speak a little Cantonese, not enough to shout about though!

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