Monday, 1 October 2007

Web hosting Ranking with Drupal Forum Hits

Web hosting Ranking with Drupal Forum Hits

I tried to search Forum Hits for the first time in order to compare investigation figure with joomla,wordpress forum hits. It was a little difficult for me to get accurate results because sometimes I got different figure When I changed the search character from uppercase to lowercase or that reversal.

The reason why I chose Drupal this time is Popular Ranking from Developer SNS named provides very impressive information concerning open source project. I strongly recommend for you to visit at once.

Developer ranking citation by Muesli Junkie

1, Wordpress
2, Drupal
3, Joomla

Unfortunately, It seems that Drupal is more popular among developer than my favorite Joomla ! along with

With regard to my investigation, Sitegorund that can get so many Joomla Junkie cannot get many user at Drupal and Wordpress in present.

Please note that I cannot guarantee the accuracy of my investigation.

1. StartLogic     Joomla 11 hits /Wordpress 7 hits /Drupal 14 hits
2. IX Web Hosting   Joomla 41 hits / Wordpress 16hits /Drupal 13 hits
3. iPowerWeb     Joomla 75 hits /Wordpress 33 hits /Drupal 29 hits
4. Server Pronto   Joomla 0 hit /Wordpress 0 hits /Drupal 0 hits
5. Blue Host     Joomla 184 hits /Wordpress 244 hits /Drupal 122 hits
6. iPower      Joomla 26 hits /Wordpress 10 hits /Drupal 16 hits
7. ValueWeb     Joomla 5 hits /Wordpress 0 hits /Drupal 4 hits
8. AN Hosting    Joomla 6 hits /Wordpress 14 hits /Drupal 17 hits
9. Host Monster    Joomla 4 hits /Wordpress 15 hits /Drupal 26 hits
10. Gate  N/A including the words of gateway /
11.Dot5hosting   Joomla 10 hits /Wordpress 0 hits /Drupal 13 hits
12.1&1 Internet   Joomla 273 hits /Wordpress 106 hits /Drupal 148 hits
13.HostRocket   Joomla 4 hits /Wordpress 2 hits /Drupal 6 hits
14.PowWeb   Joomla 90 hits /Wordpress 25 hits /Drupal 40 hits
15.Interland    Joomla 0 hit /Wordpress 2 hits /Drupal 5 hits
16.midPhase   Joomla 21 hits /Wordpress 25 hits /Drupal 13 hits
17.Website Source   Joomla 2 hits /Wordpress 1 hits /Drupal 3 hits
18.Netfirms   Joomla 49 hits /Wordpress 54 hits /Drupal 30 hits
19. LunarPages    Joomla 118 hits /Wordpress 31 hits /Drupal 37 hits
20.SiteGround Joomla 365 hits /Wordpress 26 hits /Drupal 89 hits
21. Godaddy Joomla 780 hits /Wordpress 453 hits /Drupal 195 hits

and Ipower are same capital company.

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